A scary story

Днес ще Ви споделим една страшна история, автор на която е нашият ученик - Ивайло Николиев. Той посещава часовете по английски език в Pin Academy. Съвсем скоро му предстои да завърши училище, а мечтата му е да следва кореистика. Желаем му много успехи, а Вие се насладете на историята, която публикуваме с негово съгласие:

Amber was doing her homework as another lightning struck outside. It had been raining for last few hours. She was all cozy in her room, doing her assignment diligently when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Of course, she jumped at the sound. Her greatest fear was someone breaking into her house while she was home alone. Unluckily for her that was the case for this night as her parents were out of town for the next three days. She gulped as she stood up, quietly putting aside her chair so she wouldn’t make too much noise and attract whatever was lurking into her house. She cautiously went to her bedroom door, opened it and peeked her head out. The hallways of the house were dimly lit, creating an even more uneasy feeling. Amber thought this was ironic to some extent. She quietly went down the creaking stairs. Then, she went into the kitchen and her eyes scanned the perimeter looking for something or someone. As she was just about to go upstairs she realized that the kitchen windows were open. She remembered that she hadn’t closed them. Without a moment to spare she bolted up the stairs, not daring to look behind herself. She swore that she could hear quick and heavy footsteps following her just behind. She entered the room and immediately shut the door locking it. Her breathing was heavy like she had been running a marathon as she backed away from the door. Out of nowhere a hand holding a piece of cloth covered her mouth. Amber struggled for her life but she eventually blacked out.

She woke up with a gasp sitting straight on her bed panting frantically. She was in her bedroom, the thunderstorm was still going on and her homework was still set on her desk. She picked up her phone to see it was 8:32 PM, the time when she started doing her homework. She was not only scared, but also confused. Had she fallen asleep and dreamed of everything that happened? There was no other possible explanation. If it wasn’t a dream why was she in her room? Why did she wake up at the same time she had started her homework? The most important question was if it actually wasn’t a dream was the person or people still in her house? She felt dizzy as she couldn’t grasp what was happening. Even if she was scared to death she had to figure it out.

She shakily stood up from her bed and went to the door. She gulped as she opened it ready to get to the bottom of this nightmare.

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